Sunday 🏈 🏈 Football

We’re having a quiet Sunday watching no stakes football where quarterbacks run and move around the field. It’s been a revelation for me, having mainly watched Tom Brady for the past many years.

I was unable to speak with a human at the parent company of Zack’s insurance company on Friday so there is no immediate PT in the future. Zack’s been firing his quad while sitting down, bending and raising a straight leg – both exercises Paul the PA suggested on Thursday. He’s working on straightening it out toward the floor too. Molly is a loyal supervisor.

We are lucky to have good friends supporting us and we had 2 nights of Blokus fun this weekend. He made Reubens Friday night by sitting on the stool in front of the stove.

Thanks to the stool, last Tuesday Zack unloaded the dishwasher and Wednesday he folded the laundry. It’s super helpful and I kind of love coming home from school to little piles of the things he can’t get out away with his crutches.

In other news, Molly is making a come back. She’s able to get herself up and out of bed by herself and her tail is wagging again.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr day tomorrow.

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