Zack’s 12th Birthday πŸŽ‚ 🎈 πŸŽ‰

My childhood friend, Christine, posted this Saturday morning and it seemed like the perfect way to start the day. πŸ’—
Zack was a good husband and let me watch the terrible NBC coverage of the Olympic marathon trials while we cooked and got ready. 😊
After I ran with my friends, Christy and Clare, I accompanied Zack to the stationary bikes in our little gym. He’s really good about doing his PT homework every day!
Molly’s had a lot of practice on the Mount Rose Highway this week and leans into all the turns!
quick kiss before we set up the club haus for taco fun!
I didn’t take any pictures! But here’s Zack’s lemon bar ‘cake’.
A teacher friend got everyone’s attention for me and we all sang Happy Birthday. It warmed my heart!
Maurie is really good about making sure we document our time together. So … this is our only picture from the night.
Zack wanted to see the Greyboy Allstars show for his birthday and a bunch of our friends came out with us. πŸ™‚
Allison and I are closer in height than she is with Zack!
Diana, my work wife, Aaron, who’s awesome and whose wife is our friend and colleague. 😊
We woke up to winter’s return! Here I am securing Jack’s kegerator for the drive down the hill while Zack de-ices the van step. Very glamorous!
Wintery scenes from the way 🏑.
Home sweet home!