the kindness of others

One of the hardest parts of Zack’s hospital time and recovery has been accepting help and support. Actually I got pretty good at accepting help. 😉 Friends brought clothes to Reno, did laundry for us, hosted Zack’s dad and me in Reno, shuttled cars, walked our dog and made me lunches. We received cards from all over the country, plants we still have at home, and some really wonderful kid-made banners that I hung in Zack’s rehab room. But for some reason when people ask me how I’m doing, my immediate response is to cry.


This, of course, hasn’t stopped our friends and family from offering help and support. We are blessed with a caring community. What amazes me today is that the community who loves us includes people I’ve never met! We knew that friends and family members’ church communities were holding Zack in prayer this spring and summer. But this winter I am lucky enough to be in a voxer group called #edbeat. I have not met any of the folks in this group but we connect through an app on our phone nearly every day. The groups’ founders, Sean and Natalie, believe very strongly in the power of teachers and students as well as positivity in life. So while I initially found the #edbeat twitter chat because of its educational leanings, I find myself grateful for the voxer group for the support and community I feel from people in Quito, Ecuador; Iowa, NC, NJ, Baltimore, RI and more.

Last Thursday I voxed that I was having a bad day. Nearly immediately these far away friends sent little messages of encouragement, support, and affirmation. I didn’t have time to hear most of these until today and I was blown away with the genuine care. Listening to all my friends encouraged me to share something that happened today. Zack met with Kara, his outpatient SLP, during her lunch hour. Because we’re in a little insurance snafu blackhole, Kara can’t see him as a regular patient. We were grateful that she’d spend her lunch with him but had forgotten our checkbook so as we were walking out I said, Zack’ll bring you a check next week. She seemed surprised and said, you’re not paying me for anything. I am happy to meet with Zack anytime I can. Later in the afternoon, Zack met with a client/friend, Larry, who volunteers his time whenever he can.

We are so lucky to have people in our lives who care about us near and far. Zack asked me if Kara sees other patients he remembers from rehab – he wonders why Kara and Larry spend their free time with him. When I was telling #edbeat about her kindness, I choked up. The kindness of others can be a bit overwhelming in those moments when you need it the most. The year is, indeed, looking up! (my #oneword2016)

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