Teachers Learning from Teachers

It's Week 2 for the #dcsdblogs challenge! This week's prompt is: What is the best thing you've ever learned from another teacher? Everything I know now I learned from other teachers. Teachers I grew up with, teachers I took classes from, teachers I learn from on Twitter and Voxer, teachers' pictures I see on Instagram … Continue reading Teachers Learning from Teachers

Boot Camp – last day

Friday was our last day of Aphasia U Boot Camp.  I don't think I posted about this before but on the first night, Derrick's wife and sister came to talk about the website they've started in Derrick's memory. https://www.strokestrong.org/ To help raise awareness of aphasia, they are making each participant with aphasia their own cards … Continue reading Boot Camp – last day

Aphasia Boot Camp – day 1/2

We arrived in time for the Hawaiian themed welcoming get together, complete with ice cream sundae bar. It was so nice to see some friends from the Not Alone Aphasia Group Zack goes to 2x/month at UNR, Tami and some SLP students Zack knows from UNR. David Dow, son of the co-founder Carol, told us … Continue reading Aphasia Boot Camp – day 1/2

Getting ready for Aphasia U Boot Camp

I change my story for everyone I tell. We're going to a speech convention. We're going to a speech workshop. We're going to a speech thing for Zack. This is how the organizers describe it: A 1 week educational and social program that supports people with aphasia in Las Vegas, followed by 3 weeks of daily … Continue reading Getting ready for Aphasia U Boot Camp