Elephant and Piggie

Gerald and Piggie made special appearances on zoom this morning!

It was so fun to have a surprise zoom with Ms. Diana for her 2nd graders and my kindergarteners.
Social distancing is excellent but makes it hard to take a Piggie and Elephant selfie. 
I moved away from the computer while Piggie explained how the voting would work.


We kept everyone muted so they voted with thumbs up.


They chose Let’s Go for a Drive! first. 
I love Piggie and Elephant’s banter and it was so fun reading out loud with a partner!
We read Today I Will Fly next. I love Piggie’s optimism!



We stayed on the line for a bit afterwards and saw a new haircut, a race track and some sibling fun. I’d rather see them all in person but I do really like the informal conversations that we have on zoom after the main call. 

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