Adventures in Distance Kindergarten Day 5

I’m trying to spice up our Morning Meeting on zoom to make them more interactive, fun and potentially educational.


Look at their cute little faces! We’re so lucky that Ms. Shari and Mrs. A joined us. 😊

Today, they brought their whiteboard, markers and eraser from their Bags of Home Learning and we played a guessing game I learned from a teacher I subbed for in 2003.
I felt very clever because I learned how to put animation in my Google slide so the clues were revealed one at a time.
After that, we sorted animals that are oviparous and viviparous because our Book of the Week is Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones by Ruth Heller.
One at a time, I showed them a picture card, unmuted them (1 student), and put the card in the column they/we decided. I got so excited about the muting and unmuting and showing and taping that I made an error. Can you spot it?
I have been holding office hours right after our class and might move them later. Today I had a great chat with Mrs. A, our reading teacher, and M. 
Then Mrs. A went to another zoom call and M and I chatted for a bit. About her bunny, her little sister and her neighbor friend. 😊


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