I’ve used Seesaw with my kindergarteners for several years. I probably learned about it during an #ecechat (early childhood educators Twitter chat) with Heidi Veal @vealheidi, Nancy Alvarez @techwnancy and Jessica Cabeen @jessicacabeen in 2015 or 2016. And thank goodness. While my school is using Zoom and Google classroom as our platforms in common, the kids and I are using Seesaw as our main source of communication. And I love it. 😊

They take a picture of their work and it comes to me for Teacher Approval. This is perfect because I can make sure to comment and/or ❤️ every post!
Somehow I feel like I can give better feedback with this #distancelearning. Probably because each of my students has me at my home and their families at their home. We’re working with a 3:1 adult:child ratio! Pretty fortunate!
I love that they’re sharing their fun with me too.
There is some artistic photography happening. 😊
(Bea + Sophia doing homework)
It’s been fun chatting with families via Seesaw too!
I’m learning that if I respond to some work in the late morning after our Zoom call but before a lunch break, parents can pass on my feedback and the student can correct their mistake nearly right away. Amazing parents!!

Distance Kindergarten has many down sides but I’m really grateful that I can give feedback and show my love for my kids and their families with Seesaw!

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