Memorial Day in Quarantine

We spent a lot of time pondering if we should go away for Memorial Day. Zack wanted to go to Moab for my Spring Break (in April) and has been dreaming about getting away in the Holm Away From Holm ever since. He has worked hard at healing his knee and wanted to mountain bike somewhere fun and beautiful. And kept tabs on Moab’s response to Covid 19 on a daily basis! When it got right down to it, we knew we shouldn’t travel that far but did want to leave Reno so settled on some great mountain biking just a couple hours away. I figured if we were scorned or yelled at, we could always drive back home with our tails between our legs.

BUT! It turned out fantastically! Zack got in 3 good rides on new trails, we had 1 scenic campsite all to ourselves and completely randomly met up with Tahoe friends and got to camp near them the second night. I took a LOT of pictures and couldn’t decide which to share with my mom so here are quite a ton of them.

Molly’s ready for an adventure in the #HolmAwayFrom Home

It is wildflower season!!

We found a very isolated campsite on BLM land pretty close to a lake! wow!

The HolmAwayFromHolm got some kitchen upgrades before we went away. There is a sink, a faucet and water jugs underneath but nothing is operational yet. We used the counter (the sink with its cover on) to put the stove in, which is just perfect is you’re 6’7″!

The sunset was long and beautiful! I kept thinking I’d taken enough pictures but then it’d get really pretty (again) and I’d take more.

We had a very relaxed morning on Sunday. Why not?

Molly enjoyed watching Zack stretch and warm up. She really really loves being outside. on her bed. with us very nearby.

We went back to Susanville Ranch Park for another day of riding and running. The trails are in great shape, we saw hardly anyone else out there, the flowers are beautiful, and there were more miles to explore!

There are some cool features that Zack had fun with. I ran past the Boneyard on Sat and Zack rode on some of the wallrides (?) and other features Sun but I couldn’t take pictures because I was on another section of trail.

There is this log ride right near where we parked in the shade for Molly’s sake so I got to watch him on that!


His knee is doing great but did get sore so we found our way to the Susan River. It was perfect for Zack to ice his knee – he went in up to his waist for some minutes!

It didn’t have a good entrance for Molly so we drove over to Quincy area so Zack could do the Mt Hough ride. Camping is allowed along the creek as long as you’re not on the road so we found a spot (it was more crowded than our Saturday night spot) where Molly could walk right in. She chose the muddiest spot to lay down and was so so happy.

While we were getting situated to camp by the creek, our friend Rob happened to drive by. The extra large Holm Construction magnets on the HolmAwayFromHome come in handy! It was really fun to camp with them (just up the road a little bit), sit around the campfire playing the name game and being socially distant. But still social!

Monday morning I shuttled Zack up to the top of Mt Hough. Crystal Lake is just off the summit and really beautiful! I did a short loop and jog around and it’s a good thing I didn’t go farther because it took Molly and me an hour to drive down the 10 miles of dirt road to pick Zack up. He beat us to the trailhead by a couple minutes!


Molly was able to cool down in the Spanish creek right before our hot drive home. Which actually didn’t take that long. We’d done kind of a loop and ended up only about an hour and a half from home.


We feel very grateful that we were able to enjoy a terrific Memorial Day Weekend and hope you did too!

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