Adventures in Distance Kindergarten – Maslow Before Bloom

I started this post last weekend. It’s just to show the effects of zooming with my students one on one.
Lots of twitter chats I’ve participated in lately have discussed how it’s so important that educators focus on our students’ emotional and social needs before focusing on academics.
I really loved the one on one videos and even though some of my little ones were hesitant at first, they all got really into showing me around their favorite toys!
the cutest twins!
I miss casually chatting with my kids throughout the day and especially during snack and recess. These one on one zoom chats are a great opportunity for me to see the kiddos in a no pressure situation and for them to show me what’s important to them. Like E’s wall stickers. 🙂
E showing me his geography knowledge!


S was one of my first kindergarteners to play around with zoom’s virtual backgrounds!


L is pretty hesitant and shy on the class zoom but was really animated and happy during our one on one.
H is the first to make his own virtual backgrounds. He’s very proud of them!


R was just finishing a snack when I zoomed him up. (Is that a verb? Like called him up?)
We were talking about different ways to talk with each other and tried out some banana phones.
This cutie was my last call of the day. A great way to finish my first round of one on ones.

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