a chapter here, a chapter there

Did you know that there is a thing called Narrative Therapy? As I’ve written before, I am not a home remodeling expert. It just wasn’t a field I knew very much about before last fall. But every day I’m learning more and more about many areas I didn’t know existed.

Today I was introduced to narrative therapy when I went to see a counselor. I’ve been encouraged to talk with someone since … about midway through Zack’s time in the rehab hospital.  That was May. And I couldn’t even bring myself to imagine walking into a therapist’s office. The mere thought/hearing the suggestion made me breakdown. So I put it off. And it was again suggested to me in August but I kind of ignored it. Then during a tea date with a girlfriend in December, she said I must talk with a counselor. So I made an appointment, twice, … that I then cancelled both.


important things take time

And today I made it in. She is a very nice person, I felt fine talking to her, and she gave me a homework assignment. To write the beginning, middle, and end of a particular chapter in my life, which started Friday, April 3rd 2015 when we first went to the ER in Truckee … and I will find an end during the writing process. This assignment put me at ease. Because I have watched my friend, Michelle, teach this part of the writing process (beg, mid, end) brilliantly to 2nd graders multiple times. Because my #edbeat and #leadupnow friend, Sandy, helped me rediscover journaling over the winter holiday break and I have kept up a 6 day/week journal since then. And just as elementary school students learn the craft of writing through practice, guidance, sharing and feedback, I can continue the practice of reflection through time and forgiveness and direction and support.

your story is not over

I am already looking forward to putting the chapter of Zack’s medical chaos (her word, I can’t come up with a better one) behind me so that I can fully be in our now chapter. Which is full of skiing, friends new and old, opportunities and change, and 3 FULL sentences this weekend!

celebrate monday

That’s a great reason to #CelebrateMonday. Thanks to Sean and Natalie for helping educators all over the country bring out the best and happiest in schools on Mondays!


One thought on “a chapter here, a chapter there

  1. Sarah, I love the connections you make…I agree that connections can be made between the most unlikely things! Your strength and focus on learning is so inspiring to me!! Thank you for sharing your story.


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