both sides now

both sides nowI’m not a huge fan of Joni Mitchell but I’ve been singing the chorus to this song lately. The past two weeks, we at Holm Construction have been reading resumes, holding interviews, and talking with references. It’s an exciting time because it means that the company Zack worked 10 years building will grow and continue to make homes better in North Lake Tahoe. It’s exciting because our little ad on craigslist helped us meet some incredible candidates who are experienced, skilled, empathetic, and could bring fresh eyes to Holm Construction. It’s exciting because it means I’ll be able to return to a school in the future. But it’s also enlightening.

I’ve sat on many interview committees at schools and felt like I understood the hiring process. But that’s not true. I’ve helped develop questions, taken copious notes on candidates’responses, shared pros and cons, discussed group dynamics, and tallied scores. I love interviewing because it is a sure fire way to meet new people, gain new insights and perspectives, and imagine new teacher teams that will inspire students and coach each other up every day. And that’s precisely where my involvement with hiring has always ended. I submit my choice and walk out of the office and back to my classroom. Magically, sometime in the future, a new teacher walks onto campus and our school is a stronger community because of it.

But as it turns out, there are all these steps in between and they’re kind of awesome and kind of terrifying! The other side of those clouds and love and life are not all easy and smooth. We have to make the decision that’s best for the company, for our family, and for our clients. We have to use data, our gut feelings, and recommendations from people we trust. It feels a lot like what teachers do every day for their students. And what administrators do each spring for their schools. Being on this side now, I have a lot of respect for the light and breezy mornings I’ve spent in the principal’s office during hiring season.


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