dipping my toes in the water

Today while running, my friend Vicky was talking about how Lake Tahoe will be so cold this summer because of our big snow year. Regardless of how cold the lake is, I rarely swim in it. I’m mostly content sitting on a big rock watching Zack and Molly (dog) swim and chase tennis balls. I might dip my toes in now and again.

Yesterday I got to dip my toes into the waters of my new school, the Lake Tahoe School! They hosted a STEAM open house and I was able to meet and play with a couple of the incoming kindergarteners. They are energetic, inquisitive, eager, and problem solvers. We are lucky to move into a space together that has room for exploring, playing, practicing, taking risks, watching others, building friendships, and growing a community. Even though the open house was only a couple hours long and I only got to meet a couple kiddos, I already feel more comfortable with and energized about this big change in my future than I did last week. And that’s saying something!


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