Project Based Living

2016-06-16 11.09.22

I was recently in Montreal with my mom. Despite (or because of!) being in school and working at Holm Construction, I still found time to research accommodations, attractions, public transportation, airport/customs logistics and most importantly restaurants! It’s funny how we find time to explore our curiosities and wonders even when we have lots of other responsibilities.

2016-05-29 09.46.20

The same is definitely true for Zack. Reading and texting were really challenging this winter but he spent hours reading backcountry ski guide books, online forums, and maps. He texted friends and groups to coordinate meeting times, ski locations, overnight trips, which all resulted in his 104 ski days. The last of which was last Wednesday. Skiing is Zack’s passion and we’re both really lucky he had time to get in as much as he could!

As I was walking around Montreal, feeling totally immersed in a trip away from home and hearing French, Arabic and other languages all around, I realized that PBL is not just for kids. Having time to be curious, to follow wonderings to an end, and to learn from our passions are part of what’s best practices for kids. of all ages. 😉

I got to visit my new kindergarten classroom today and had so much fun imagining where our Wonder Wall will go, what my students will explore, and how we will display our new knowledge throughout the year! I hope Project Based Learning for my students will lead them to Project Based Living.

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