Gratitudes – Day 7


We just returned from one of those weeks with family that refills your heart and soul.


Middlebury got its first snow while we were there and there were fresh bunny tracks in the driveway when we returned from dinner at Sabai Sabai.


Mom and Bob’s dog, Brady, is a one of a kind. Not only does he rest his weary chin on the windowsill, but he groans and murmers his way through the day.


We got to see 5 nieces. They are amazing! Greta is watching her mom, Aunt Jen and Uncle Zack help Pop Pop put the patio furniture away for the winter. It was a rare moment when she held the binoculars the right way.


Here is Ellie on her way into Shaw’s Pond. Her dad is videoing!

I am grateful we have such wonderful families and that we were able to spend time with them. My mom’s long longtime friend Jean’s son Adam wrote a book called A Blessing Over Ashes and I was able to finish it today on the plane. It certainly helps put my life and everything I have into crisp perspective. There’s no reason not to overflow with gratitude so I will.



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