Boot Camp days 3 and 4

My computer wasn’t connecting to the hotel wifi for the past couple days. My work for Holm Construction came to a screeching halt as did posting here! I’m mostly caught up with work now so here’re some pics from Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday we were treated to David’s older brother and Carol’s oldest son, Mike Dow. also dr-mike-dows-booster-food-list  5-natural-ways-to-prevent-early-onset-dementia  He spoke about the new book that he wrote with David and speech therapist, Megan Sutton: Healing the Broken Brain. We learned about neuroplasticity and neurogenesis and what we can do to help our brains continue to regrow and grow all life long. Exercise, Live and Enjoy Life, Eat a Mediterranean Diet (7 servings of fruits and vegetables/day), nuts, olive oil, beans; wild salmon, farm raised rainbow trout, arctic char, shrimp; turmeric, Folate.

Everyone we spoke to really enjoyed his talk and Zack and I definitely did too.

Wednesday night was the Gala for the week! Usually they hold it on Friday before everyone goes home Saturday, but they offered a 4 night and a 6 night option this year. It started out with a retired showgirl dancing around all the tables.

2017-03-22 17.41.44

It was a really fun night.Brian is also a builder. He and his wife Bernice (not pictured) live in Alexandria, MN. Orchid (pictured) is from NYC.

2017-03-23 16.21.29

Here are all the UNR undergrad and graduate students who volunteered their Spring Break to come help. Dr. Brancamp (Tami) is in the middle with glasses on.)

2017-03-22 17.58.20

And all the participants with Aphasia got their moment in the spotlight as well! 2017-03-23 16.50.41

One of the fundraisers was a raffle. We donated some local items and our friend Darsie, who lives in Truckee, won them. (She won quite a few of the item!). I was hoping Zack would win an app package from Megan, who runs Tactus Therapy, but he won Tom instead.

Wednesday raffle prize Tom

He was a great addition to our hotel room.

Wednesday raffle prize Tom decoration

Yesterday/Thursday I helped organize a trip to the Strip, as part of the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia. The concierge helped me hire this limo bus so that we could all go together. We were 32 people with aphasia and caregivers, 1 service dog and 2 folded up wheelchairs and we all fit! IMG_20160923_114957_1490283264312

Our first and main stop was Mon Ami Gabi, a French bistro that has a great patio across the street from the Bellagio fountains.

Most of the group made it across the street to check out the Bellagio Conservatory. When we visited it last with Gail and Don, Zack’s parents, it was a butterfly garden and I think Zack thought it would still be. He was really surprised that it was completely transformed into a Japanese garden complete with some mosaiculture. (My mom and I went to an exhibit in Montreal a couple years ago and loved it!)

After wandering around and getting in some more good people watching, we returned to the HofBrauHaus to see Margaret’s sister who works there!

Thursday strip Jordan Margaret ElizabethThursday HofBrauHaus

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