Mile Run for the Kindergarteners

I love that Coach Jon, our awesome PE teacher, includes the kindergarten class in the K-5 mile run challenge that he does. His high expectations for all of his students perfectly reinforces the kinds of expectations that I try to present and support in the classroom.

Last week each K-5 student ran a timed mile during their PE time. Since it is 12 laps and counting and running are a difficult combination for the best of us, Jon pairs each class with buddies (either 1/2 of their own class or in our case the 4th graders). These buddies provide crucial cheering, pacing, encouragement and record keeping while the runners focus solely on running.

We were lucky enough to have the 4th graders help us and in the first picture you can see Ms. Amory demonstrating how one would fall down if everyone ran straight into each other off the starting line! Luckily no one was hurt and the start was just fine.

Jon set up a high five station for them at about the halfway mark!  You can see some of their 4th grade buddies right with them.

Grace high fiveEli high fiveChase high fiveJimena high five

I’m so proud of everyone for working hard and trying their best! Jon rewarded them with a special toe tag (a little plastic foot that gets laced through their shoe laces or put in a special place if velcro is the preferred method of shoe closing!) and a pair of Bobcat blue sunglasses that they all adored.

It is not without a little friendly competition … Look at those strides! Jackson and Stella

I really appreciate Lake Tahoe School’s commitment to the whole student – my students love PE because Coach Jon teaches them that hard work and perseverance pay off in fun and satisfaction. His motto, which my kids know well after only 3 weeks of school, is If you had fun, you WON!





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