August 3 2018 dog walk

My #oneword from 2017 was sure and it was meant to help me be more open to trying new things, going to more events, saying yes to more. I didn’t know it in January 2017 but moving to Reno would really facilitate these behavioral changes for me!

Artown 2018 also facilitated the shift! We live in Reno and were finally felt free to take advantage of the tons of free events. We went to 1 or 2 concerts each week and loved being introduced to new music and the really incredible people watching. Last night we went to the Dragon Lights at Rancho San Rafael and while it was incredibly crowded, I’m glad we went. I put a couple pictures on instagram. 🙂

This past week Zack had his annual visit to the hematologist. We got to talk to Dr. Bowman’s intern (or resident –  I’m not sure) for a long time. He’s a young, eager fellow from Puerto Rico who exemplified what Zack loves about his speech therapy at UNR. The students are all master’s students working through their hundreds of required clinical hours and are all enthusiastic and dedicated and constantly being observed and analyzed.

Attached here is Zack’s summer 2018 reassessment and treatment plan. The summer term actually ended this past Thursday. I’m a bit late in posting this. Zack reasessement and treatment plan Summer 2018

Happy August. Wow! It’s August.

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