August 2018 UNR speech therapy progress report

Zack’s on the phone with a friend right now. That hasn’t really happened since early April 2015. He’s just sitting on the deck, drinking coffee, talking to James about van renovations. I’m not sure how much James is understanding, although it seems like he’s doing most of the talking, but they’re talking away.

Phone conversations were one of the goals he worked on this summer. His clinicians made a script for cancelling an appointment, coming late to an appointment, ordering takeout food and my favorite, reporting an emergency to 911. According to a laughing Zack, the scenarios they practiced the most were Sara is dead and Sara is hitting me. I’m either dead or abusive. It’s hard to be married to someone with aphasia! 😉

Here’s the progress report from the summer term at UNR.

Zack Summary of progress Summer 2018

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