Look how far we’ve come!

I tried a couple fun and pretty simple math games with my class in the beginning of the year. I probably didn’t do an adequate job of explaining and modeling them because they were sort of failures. Not knowing or understanding exactly what to do, the kids interpreted the rules to suit themselves and had a ball. Which was great, but they weren’t practicing the skills I had intended. So I gave up. Exactly what Mojo of Class Dojo Big Ideas has been teaching the kids not to do.

Having watched the Growth Mindset series the past several days, I decided to take action and try again. Beacuae after all, my brain is like a muscle 🧠 💪too!

And it worked! The kindergarteners had tons of fun and were really successful playing Match It today. 😊

Everything is more fun if you get to document it on Seesaw!

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