A van Saturday

Last night we had tons of fun bowling with the UNR Not Alone Aphasia group sponsored by the NSSLHA chapter.

look at that form!
The lights went out at the beginning of our second round. Then the black lights came on. Ayaiyai. Terrible bowling but fun pictures!
I broke 100!! and Zack won. 🙂

Tami facilitated a quick discussion with the people living with aphasia (Zack, who’s pointing to our friend Cindy [who bowled for the 1st time with her left hand!!], Brett in the homemade by his wife tie dye shirt, and Cindy, who’s behind Brett) and the current Speech and Language Pathology students at UNR.

This morning, Zack’s busy prepping the van for the bed build out. He was hoping to have the frame welded but is resigned to doing it himself. He is a carpenter, after all. Though numbers can be challenging so I’m proud of him for taking it all on.

I think Zack’s installing rivets, but I could be completely wrong!
Molly was also helping me figure out why our new battery wasn’t charging anything.

As it turns out, the unit has to be fully charged by being plugged in before it can be a charger. Ahh, the fun of aphasia. Zack is a good reader but this detail had escaped him.

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