March Madness 2019

Natalie Krayenvenger taught me a way to celebrate the books we’ve read throughout the year that theoretically coincides with the more famous March Madness in NCAA Women’s and Men’s Basketball.

We start by ranking the books we’ve read to find our Sweet 16.
Kids love sticky notes so this is the perfect way for them to sort of ‘shop’ around and rank the books on their own.


And the Sweet Sixteen is chosen!20190307_1618405093614378873831246.jpg20190307_1618188765736062936228518.jpg

I displayed it in the lunch room like last year but this year’s class voted to open up voting to anyone in the school who wants to participate. 20190308_1011014239485622509485539.jpg

It’s great hands on data and measurement work that they’re all 100% engaged in!



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