K is for kindness

This year I am so happy to have planned far enough ahead to do an alphabet countdown with my kiddos. It means we probably won’t have time to do a lot of the fun Camp 🏕 Learns A Lot unit that I’ve done the past 2 years but we are having tons of fun. I’ll write another post with highlights from that but today was Kk day. So naturally we wrote notes of Kindness in the morning so we could have a Kindness Parade in the afternoon.

My only regret is that we are a day early for Sean Gaillard and Jennifer Williams’ #143DayEdu tomorrow (May 23rd).

Thank you for teaching me virtual reality. I have fun in MakerSpace.

This afternoon, we got to do what has become one of my favorite events in kindergarten. Thank goodness Karen Festa taught me about Kindness Parades!

While students gave their letters to the teachers and staff of their choice, they (kids) told them (adults) that K is for Kindness. And with their crowns that said so, they were so sincere and sweet. 😊

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