You’re a valvey guy

1:30 pm update

He’s out of surgery. I spoke with the surgeon and they replaced his acl and stitched up the 2 meniscus tears. We have a follow up appt next week.

Zack was taken back for surgery about 10 minutes ago (~ 11:50) and was relaxed and in good spirits. 😊

We got here right around 9 and Zack got to trade out his new XXL sweatpants (recommended by the hospital) for this pretty purple thing.

A nice guy named Jason came to shave Zack’s right knee. It looks like only his right knee is getting ready for a road bike race.

The 2 very nice nurses had a lot of trouble finding a good vein (apparently his valves kept closing) so he has several bandages along with his allergy bracelet (because ibuprofen reacts with Pradaxa).

The surgeon and the anesthesiologist both marked Zack’s right leg but you can’t see any of it in this pic.

One more piece of complimentary hospital clothing. And off he went. We waited a lot longer than anticipated but it’s all good. I am a little sad we didn’t drive the van with Molly in it but we’re lucky thay our neighbor/friend Meredith will help this afternoon.

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