Today started out particularly slowly as Zack and Molly chose different times to wake up (both very early) then to nap then wake up then back to sleep and so on. I told Molly that I’m going back to school on Monday so she’d have to sync up her peeing with my availability but I don’t think she’s on board quite yet.

Zack’s hanging in there. Crutching to and from the bathroom is not as exhausting as it was yesterday and he spent some couch time out of the brace. He’s still generally uncomfortable and when Ben was here for a quick visit, he ‘reminded’ (Zack didn’t know these details to begin with) Zack that the doctor drilled tunnels through his tibia and femur to pull the new acl through. It makes sense that there’s pain and discomfort.

Tonight we tried out another new game Blokus. At first, I didn’t get it at all, lost spectacularly and pouted for a bit. I understand it better now but still really lack any sort of spatial relations.

It’s a fun game though and I recommend it if tiny little plastic pieces are ok in your life. 😊

One thought on “Blokus

  1. Jen

    I love Blokus and will play with anyone I can round up. This game was right up Meg’s alley, but Katie didn’t like it too much. Super for spatial reasoning!
    Love to all Jen


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