Non knee related outings!

This weekend we had only non-knee, non-medical outings. It was really fun!
Saturday morning, I went for a run.
In the early afternoon, we did done errands. If you look carefully through the deck railing, you can see Molly watching for Zack.
1st stop. Psychedelic πŸš™ wash.
Zack requested a Schwarmageddon gyro.
After Schwarmageddon, we went to Trader Joe’s. Zack decided to hang out in the car while I zipped around the too narrow ailsles with many other shoppers.
Back at 🏑: new pt exercised from his Friday appt. (I stayed at school.)
Some theraband pulling.
Today, we’re meeting our friends, Allison and Kevin (& their 2 kiddos) for the Star Wars movie.
But first, the ScreenCrush all Star Wars recap.
Carrie Fisher is in a lot more scenes than you (I) would’ve imagined considering she is dead.
There is a lot of girl power and teamwork in this Star Wars. I wasn’t as excited to go as Zack was, but I liked it more than I thought. 😊
And we wore our Dirty Wookie tee shirts to show our support for Chewbacca, who rally had a hard go of it in this movie.

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