February break

Zack hasn’t been away in the #holmawayfromhome since the weekend he hurt his knee skiing at Mt Lassen in mid December. It’d been since Thanksgiving for me and we were both feeling a little stir crazy/cabin feverish! Saturday late morning, we headed south on 395 and stopped at the Mono Lake overlook to get the fun started.
While I went for a run from the south parking lot, Zack took some pictures.
It turns out you can’t eat nuts and dried fruit all the way down then expect to have a smooth run. Or at least I can’t! But I love when the clouds look like they’re shooting out from the horizon.
Zack and Molly were waiting patiently for me in the #holmawayfromhome.
Molly just wants to be where we are.
Zack took this beauty Saturday night.
We camped at the crab cooker hot spring and woke up to this beautiful view.
The sun was rising over the valley as I started my long run.
It’s hard to not be inspire with scenery like this.
I got very slightly turned around at the end and ended up coming back to the van from behind, which was fun because Zack and Molly were out strolling so I surprised them! Zack did a lot of walking around without his brace!
Sunday afternoon, we visited Convict Lake and convinced Molly to go for a swim.
As a lab, it’s not very hard to convince her!
We were on our way down to Alabama Hills but then got in touch with our friends Aimee and Ryan, who were climbing at the Buttermilks, so we went there instead. Molly is supremely interested in our dinner. 😊
My sunrise picture from the driver’s door of the van.
Molly and Zack were already out walking and he got this shot.
I headed out for a run and needed a long warm up – – including wailing across this very flat field toward Basin peak.
Later that morning, the Reeves let us follow them around and watch them boulder. The trails were slippery (sandy) and a little steep bit Zack did great.
Zack took those climbing shots.
Molly loves an outdoor bed
Especially when she shares Zack’s sausage and cheese lunch. 😊

I went to speech with Zack Tues and Wednesday so I could meet his new students. Here are the notes I took.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Sarah Hanson

Phono motor approach to target apraxia and aphasia both

Little over 1/2 way done with vowels

Sarah says the phonemes then Zack repeats

puh buh fuh vuh tuh duh kuh guh thuh the suh zuh shuh as in shut not shot zhuh chuh juh as in just luh (l is the sound she’s noticed he misses the most both in isolation and in connected speech) ruh muh nuh as in enough huh wuh (w+uh=wuh)
up ub uf uv ut as in but ud uk ug uth uthe as in other us uz ush uzh uch uj (u+j=in) um un as
in under

uh aww confusion. Use mirror to notice jaw height difference. Uh like you got hit in the stomach. Another has both sounds. Nut is another good example. nut v not bought v but

I cry eye (long I)
pi bi fi vi ti di ki gi thi thy si zi shy zhi chi ji li ri mi ni hi wi
ipe ibe ife ive ite ide ike ig ith ithe ise (ice) ize ish izh iche ij ile ire ime ine as in wine

u as in you
poo boo foo voo too do koo not kyoo goo thu voiced thu soo zoo shoo zhoo choo joo loo roo moo noo hoo woo (w+o=woo)
oop oob oof oov oot oo+d=ood as in rude ook oog ooth oothe oose as in moose ooze oosh as in woosh not oash oozh ooch ooj ool oor oom oon

oi as in boy dipthongs 2 vowel sounds together

Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Lauren Hampson

Phonomotor approach treatment manual page 28 of 116
Started with consonants, now vowels, then combining consonants and vowels and working up to phrases and sentence level

1st showing pics from the weekend on his ipad. She’s never been to Mono lake or Bishop, it seems. Is impressed with his photography.

Picture of b mouth. Z identifies it as the voiced pair. Then the letters er. He puts the 2 together (with the visual cues, no auditory)
er +b = ber 5 x
What’s the quiet one? Do you want me to show you? p er +p =per
V mouth ver fer f f f fer fer fer fer fer
t mouth (quiet) d is noisy ter Are we saying the same thing? der
k g mouth Use the mirror to make your mouth look the same
th th – fastest of both pairs yet
s z
sh I notice you like the ones that are true words. Would you say that’s accurate? zh
ch j er
l er We’re gonna come back bc that one’s a little whirly
r er
m er
n er
h er
Tami came in to compliment on his sound production but says to be careful of his jaw position and watch extra vowel ie ha+er doesn’t = her
5 points of the therapy: pictures auditory motor orthographic kinesthetic
Lauren does pictures and motor and Sarah focuses on auditory
or going backwards through the consonants
w h nyor ner
Tami says before combining make sure each sound is really sharp. Go back to n picture and say it right 5 x then or 5 x
Zack asks why can’t he also see the letters that go with the mouths? Tami says that she learned about this approach and thought it would be good for Zack bc when he’s speaking he gets bogged down in beg sound production. Hopefully this approach, which is weird and maybe not fun, will help with the motor planning challenges of apraxia.
Decide if seeing the letter makes you say the letter name instead of the sound, then don’t use them. r + or = or
Student needs to mark if Zack produces the sound with visual card cue, visual student cue, auditory student cue or no cue so the score sheets show progress
Elisa is not credentialed to supervise acc to the med school so Tami is back on the case. Yay!
l is tricky in isolation. Helps to see Lor. Where is your tongue?
ch or cher
zhshor Are we producing it the same?

At Friday’s, Not Alone Aphasia support group, Cindy (not pictured) gave Zack a homemade loaf of banana coconut bread
And the group all sang Happy Birthday to him!
Saturday, we caucused at a local middle school. I was in the Warren group.
Zack caucused for Mayor Pete. Here (he’s to the right of the woman in lightish blue) they’re holding up their 1st alignment ballots waiting to be counted.
The final numbers from our little precinct. 55 of us caucused and 146 people voted early.
I ran outside (as opposed to the treadmill, where I usually run on school mornings) 7 of the 9 days of break for a total of 99 miles (over the 9 days). The stubborn high pressure over the Sierras is really benefiting me!

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