perspective – from the top and from the bottom

I love the challenge that #1every2weeks (1 blog post every 2 weeks) gives me and suddenly realized it’s already January 11th so I better get going!


Last Monday Zack and I were back at the UC San Francisco Hematology and Blood and Marrow Transplant clinic for a hematology follow up about Zack’s future treatment. The waiting room there is something else. Most patients are not waiting for a consultation visit like we were. Most are there for treatment and for many, the trip from the car into the building and up to the clinic is exhausting. I can write this because I saw the fatigue on their faces as they walk from the elevator into the clinic. There are lots of comfy sweatsuits, warm coats, face masks and dozing while waiting. Many caregivers with snacks and long novels in their bags.

New Years Day skiing

At the other end of the spectrum, Zack just ended a two week streak of skiing every day. I help him coordinate some of his early morning ventures via text messages but he decides what time to get up, sets his alarm, packs his backpack, gathers his equipment, and goes. He drives to the ‘trailhead’, meets up with friends, they climb up up up for an hour or two then ski down the mountain. Something that many of his fellow hematology clinic patients are not able to do. Observing in the waiting room was a good reminder for me that while this year has been tough, we are surrounded by the greatest support and love in our family and friends. And we are supported by strength and beauty in the Sierras and our snowiest winter in years!

On the other end of the spectrum is Nevada’s latest education ranking according to the Quality Counts report that was released last week. Here is an article from the Reno Gazette Journal. While I was feeling on top of the world in some respects, educationally it seems I was quite on the bottom. And not being at a school site made me feel even worse about the whole situation. What can I do to help? How can I contribute to education from where I’m at (the Holm Construction office)?

Thinking, pondering, wondering, calendaring, listening to voxes from inspiring friends, reading through twitter, participating in a chat, reflecting. Here’s what I came up with. Through America Achieves, I have the opportunity to help facilitate a very short, one time, no-less terrifying professional development for the Oregon Department of Education next week. I said yes. A friend/client asked me to tutor her 8th grade son. I said yes. Fellow AAFTP fellows Jennifer and Ben invited me to help support their 2nd #teachnvacs (teach nevada academic standards) cohort this semester. I said yes. And I invited myself back into my friend Aly’s classroom to volunteer with her below grade level kiddos. I was doing this in the fall prior to Girls on the Run practices but then fell out of routine. I want back in!


This is a little image I posted on some social media months ago and it’s relevant to me again. Peaks and valleys, peaks and valleys. Always keeping perspective and hope!



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