windy day thoughts

I don’t have a lot of pictures that show how windy some of our ski days have been because when it’s that windy, I don’t take my mittens off to take pictures! But as we’re expecting another change in the weather tonight and tomorrow, there was plenty of wind on today’s morning ski.

change george bernard shaw

For some time now I’ve been thinking about change. I used to be annoyed when people changed their minds a lot. I liked people who stuck to their convictions. I admired believing in a truth and living it. But early on in my time with the #leadupchat crew, I saw a graphic similar to the one above and began to, yep you guessed it, change my mind about how I think about change.

Part of it is perspective, like I wrote about last week. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would leave a career in education for home remodeling, yet here I am on a little or big break from education and fully immersed in home remodeling. I admired people who made sacrifices for their family but I had never been asked to do so. Now I empathize with and honor them. I lived a blessed life where I was the priority in my life. Now I have a wider perspective.

change or end up where you're going

I have always loved to journal privately and now I appreciate that the America Achieves fellowship pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to start a blog. I was new to twittter and I appreciate the #leadupchat crew’s experience and willingness to share. I am a rule follower who didn’t like to speak up but I appreciate Zack’s medical and rehabilitation team who lets me ask endless questions and include Zack and me in their decisions.

What have you changed recently? How can you get better through change?


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