I had the pleasure of working for a principal who empowered me to take on challenges, helped me work with a team to complement and push me, and grow as a teacher leader. I loved the teachers I worked with and know how lucky I am to have spent time with that lead learner at our school site as well as traveling to national conferences.

Recently, an EdBeat voxer friend was lamenting a lack of conference funds, which might facilitate a face to face meetup. I responded that I feel uplifted and happy when I hear their voices and see their pictures on voxer. And that is completely true. They are friends I’ve never met in real life but I know about their families, careers, musical preferences, accolades, field trips, school calendars and moods. I rely on them for funny videos, singing voxes, stories of challenge and success, unconditional support — and I get all of that from them!

BUT within the past 5 days, I have had the absolute delight and contentment and comfort of seeing above mentioned principal, several teachers I worked with at his school (including my work wife) and a friend from middle school in New England. And I can say without a doubt that visiting with friends in real life, eating together, sharing news and celebrations in person, and making new memories to carry us forward will absolutely sustain and restore me for a long time.

I feel so lucky that I have friends who live close by, who visit when they’re near, and who share their days with me on social media.

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