sitting on the sidelines

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about perspective. This year I wasn’t at a school during Teacher Appreciation Week. While I have many feelings about one week of appreciation for a year round job, I really enjoyed seeing pictures of happy educators around the country feeling appreciated and a little spoiled.

Last week our schedules worked out so that I went to two of Zack’s speech therapy sessions with him because we had other Reno errands to do. I see his progress every day and Debbie, our newest Holm Construction employee, told him yesterday how much more clearly he’s enunciating. Recently I’ve heard him give himself a ‘woohoo’ when he gets a word reading Constant Therapy task correct.(He sees a word and has to say it into the app. It’s quite picky and he has to really work to pronounce each sound, especially the beginning ones.) But it’s totally different watching him work with the professionals. I pretend to read my book but really I’m too in awe of his writing, number identification, story telling with the ski pictures he’s been taking, and conversations with them!

Debbie has been working for a month now and has taken over many (maybe even most) of my tasks. So sometimes during the day I find myself putzing around on my computer because she’s doing something that I would normally do. And lots of times I’m sitting next to her while she writes an estimate or creates an invoice. Again, watching from the sidelines and proud of what’s getting done.

The current pre-K 4 year olds at Lake Tahoe School are stepping up to their kindergarten class after Memorial Day. Carrie (whose shoes I’m stepping up into) has graciously offered to let me have her room for the short visit and activity. It’s daunting but I’m looking forward to being the lead and getting to know some of my next year’s kiddos!



One thought on “sitting on the sidelines

  1. Gail holm

    Always glad to receive good news re Zack’s recovery. People here often ask how he is doing as he was on our church prayer list till very recently when I asked to have it removed. Feel that we have had more than our share of prayers this past year. Off to a folk concert this evening, the fun never ends.

    Much love to both of you, Gail

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