bursting with anticipation!

This snowy morning I got to meet more parents of incoming kindergarteners of my new school, the Lake Tahoe School. I was anxious because I’ve never been to a meet the teacher coffee before and in this case, I was the teacher. I was anxious because being the center of adult attention is one of my least favorite situations. And I was anxious because even though I am active with educator colleagues on social media and love being a volunteer Girls on the Run coach, I haven’t been full time in a school in over a year and might feel a little rusty.

But now, after the coffee, I am so excited to start spending my weekdays with next year’s kindergarteners! Their parents are passionate and kind, interesting and curious, and want to know exactly how next year is going to be an amazing year of growth and success for their daughters and sons. I didn’t (and a couple hours later, still don’t) have all the answers to all of their inquiries, but I do know that I look forward to getting to know their students and spending next year with them!

Thanks so much to Peyton and Ruth for setting up the coffee. (and Ruth to hiring me in the first place!)

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