more pics from the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run — mostly for my mom


above: the beginning of the final 7 miles. I’d had a bit of a slump the previous 5 so I promised myself I’d run all of these (mostly downhill) and I did.


One of the really nice boy scout leaders at the Snow Valley Peak aid station insisted we take this picture even though I didn’t feel great. It is a beautiful view up there!


I’m not sure but probably one of the final 7 miles. Vicky’s very sneaky in the way she runs and takes pictures simultaneously!


Zack took this one as I was approaching the Tunnel Creek aid station for the 2nd of 3 times. This is about mile 18.


I had quite a posse at the Diamond Peak aid station –  mile 30 – while I eat as much watermelon as I can manage! Ashley, Chelsea, and Ashley’s dog Remy are in the dog safe zone just behind me. This is also where I met Vicky so she could run the final 20 with me.


Right after the Diamond Peak aid station (which is at the base lodge), runners hike about 2 miles up to the top of the resort. It’s a huge climb and took me 55 minutes. ps. That guy ended up beating me by 2 minutes!


These are out of order – sorry! Zack, Jack (in the green behind him) and Stefan (black shorts on right), Vicky, Ashley, Chelsea and Remy welcomed me to Diamond Peak and Vicky or Ash documented it.


Somewhere in the final 7. It was such a gorgeous, breezy, not too hot day!


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