Moving in and moving out and UP

I don’t recommend that you move out of your house and into a new classroom in a new school at the same time. It wasn’t planned to occur in the same weeks but here we are.. This weekend I’ll take a break from school and focus solely on moving into the new house. If you close your eyes, you can confuse where you are. There is cardboard, packing tape, and an amazing amount of dust in all of 3 of these locations.

Anyone who’s ever moved knows it’s not that fun. But having a brand new space to breathe in, imagine possibilities, and look around from all sides and perspectives is a gift. Tonight’s @LeadUpTeach googlehangout and twitter chat gave me new ideas, challenges and inspiration to chew on. Now instead of being exhausted, I’m excited to work on the home front this weekend and be raring to go to school on Monday. Through all the boxes of our packed up house and piles of kinex, legos and blocks at school, I’m looking UP. (It’s my word of the year, after all!)

Thanks to @VealHeidi, @LauraGilchrist4 and @ElisaBostwick for helping me see the  opportunities and potential in the chaos of my moving in and moving out. 

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