a good time to share gratitudes


I was driving down the Mount Rose Highway from Reno this afternoon and was compelled to stop at the Overlook. There’s a reason lots and tons of tourists stop there to take pictures. It’s a really beautiful view and doesn’t involve anything more than safely crossing traffic and getting out of your car.

Although most days I can’t quantify what I miss about teaching at Smithridge (my old school in Reno), today was easy. 1. This morning I got to be a running buddy for a sweet third grade Girl on the Run. Not only did I get to be her running buddy and watch her fight through her first 5k, but I also got to see my teacher friends from Smithridge as well as Girls on the Run Sierras staff and board members. The volunteer coaches and running buddies chose to spend their Sunday morning supporting an organization whose mission I wholeheartedly believe in.


2. I am also grateful I got to drive home on the Mount Rose Highway and see this view every day. My mile commute to school now is wonderfully short and I enjoy not leaving the house at the crack of dawn. Because it is so short I sometimes go days and days without seeing the lake. But it is there, it’s beautiful and I’m really grateful I live near it.

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