gratitudes – day 5

My friend Ben (@bdicksonnv) just called me out for blogging. He did it in a kind way. But I took it as a kick in the pants, which is perfect because I have some pretty cute pictures to share.


Yesterday was Pajama Day. And a super fun introduction to the at family. Thinking about it for a bit, I knew I wanted the class to see kid-made words. I just didn’t expect that they’d be doing it in their super cute pjs!


We also broke out the white boards. I know what a valuable tool they are but sometimes the management overwhelms me. Yesterday Ms. Shari and I each took a small group and it was magical. Lots of sight words. Some direct handwriting instruction. More pajama time.



Who knew the rake that Mr. Jimmy left out accidentally would be such a hit. Honestly, the sneakers in the bottom of the picture belong to 2 boys who, as I was taking the picture, were begging Larkin to please share the raking duties with them.

november-14-2016-fun-with-rocksGeesh, why can’t I get the picture to rotate? Playing mine (NV is the Silver State, after all) is just better in your pajamas.


Sadly, I can’t remember who I got the pointer pups from, but I really appreciate downloading them for free and my kids had so much fun using them as helpers to remember to point to each word as they read them. Did I mention that today was Disney/Marvel day?

Life on the home front is a bit rocky these days but I am grateful for Spirit Week at school when I get to look around the classroom and see penguin and shark pjs sitting next to each other and Spiderman and Woody helping each other read sight word phrases!

One thought on “gratitudes – day 5

  1. Rummages&Ramblings

    hey Sara! You are motivating me to start sharing my student pics and steal you gratitude idea. this is going to be our chat topic for next week! you and Zac enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!


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