Gratitudes – Day 9

Are anyone else’s kindergarten students a bit crazed this week? I was hoping I would have a one week grace period where they were tuckered out from Thanksgiving festivities, happy to be back together and relieved to be back in the routine of school. A one week grace period. 4 days even. I would’ve taken 3 days. But I got about 3 hours!

Never the less, they are rocking and rolling and doing great things.


The kids are writing more and more of the Morning Message. It’s the final part of our morning meeting, which is a wonderful way to start our day together. 2016-11-30-08-53-12

No time like November 30th to finish our monthly calendar! Thanks to KindergartenWorks for the information, inspiration and materials.


Today was the first day we have all been together since the Thurs before Thanksgiving. Holiday book reading time is better with friends.


Mr. Bradford introduced them to Osmo words, numbers and tangrams today in MakerSpace. They were all huge hits!


And we finished our day making more Lights of Kindness. I realized yesterday that not everyone wants a holiday-red light to give away. They really took to the blank canvases and made them their own. For all the chattering and excitedeness and spontaneous holiday singing and silliness throughout the day, they are completely focused and engaged during this project. Thank you again Michelle (find her on twitter here) and Karen (and Karen here). Michelle found the templates on the peppy zesty teacherista site.

I hope someone shares their light of kindness with you this holiday season!


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