Gratitudes – Day 10

My friend Ben hosted his #teachnvchat twitter chat tonight on the topic of gratitude so I figured I’d better add a quick post since I have so much to be grateful for.

I got to have a work dinner with 2 of my favorite teachers at Lake Tahoe School. It has been a big adjustment to go back to school and a busy fall but Diana and Shari have made my life at LTS immeasurably better!


This morning I introduced writing partners and together they planned out their joint teaching book on a topic they are experts on. They include being a ninja, playing tennis, and making forts.


This pair is writing about basketball. The pages they’ve planned are passing, making a basket then taking a break and getting a drink of water. Equal pages for playing and resting! That’s my kind of sport!


Thanks so much to Recipe For Teaching who created this Sentence Builder (that’s what we call it) product. This week we read books about Hanukkah and have built sentences about the menorah, dreidel, lights, snowman and snowballs. This was a huge success and the kids will be able to do it independently in centers next week.

On a closing note, Zack brought his truck to our local garage this week and had them put on or fix (I’m not sure) trailer lights and arranged with our local tire shop to get snow tires on the Subaru. Better late than never (we are fully snowed at this point) and he did a great job with these tasks on his own!




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