There are two funny words for blizzards like the one we just had – snowmageddon, which I prefer because I love the silly movie Armageddon, and snowpocalypse. Yesterday we were walking and gawking through the neighborhood and Zack was saying snowpocalypse.  I thought he said acropolis but he said close and eventually I got to snowpocalypse. Of course. The obvious path from an ancient Greek citadel to our current white out, trees down, power out, feet at a time snow storm.

Molly enjoying the deck snow accumulation for her favorite snow baths. It’s now too tall for her to step up onto!


Tuesday news from the National Weather Service.


They also said this.


Molly was not amused by my backyard jaunt.


Wednesday we lost power and Ozzie resorted to desperate measures to stay warm. Here he is inside Zack’s sweatshirt.


Zack snowblew the driveway for the Holm Construction trailers today. There was some deep, very heavy snow over there!


Tomorrow we get to go skiing! The avalanche danger is down a bit and things at Holm Construction are under control. Zack continues to work really hard every day. I put a couple updates on the caringbridge cont tab this week.

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