One Good Thing

My Twitter and Voxer friend Megan is leading the charge to encourage teachers in her district (Davenport, IA) to blog. I participated in a chat she helped host last week and feel like I was happily duped into blogging along with these great Iowan educators!

This week’s prompt is one good thing. What is one good thing that happened this week.  Lots of good things happened last week! Mostly that I was back at school with my kindergarteners. And we spent a lot of time completing the Engineering Design Cycle for our Dummy Downhill entry. The kids had imagined and planned their dummies. This week we created and saw our very own Arnie the Doughnut fly off the jump at Diamond Peak. The kids were delighted and now know that they are engineers!

dummy downhill designs round 1
The students planned what materials they wanted to use and drew several iterations of design ideas.
dummy downhill drilling base 2
They helped Mr. Bradford build the base in MakerSpace.
2017-03-31 09.11.58
Later, we were able to put the safety glasses back on! for the final building phase.
Dummy Downhill Larkin Holden sprinkles
Once Arnie was secured to his plate, the sprinkles that they made in art class were attached with straight pins.
Dummy Downhill Cael painting
Cael puts the finishing touches on Arnie’s wings.
2017-03-31 14.46.34
Woohoo! Arnie is done!
2017-04-01 10.30.29
The judges asked some of the engineers questions about Arnie at the beginning of the Dummy Downhill contest.
2017-04-01 11.32.19
These guys helped take care of Arnie at the top of the jump.
2017-04-01 12.20.38
Here he is! Right before his run!

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