Teachers Learning from Teachers

It’s Week 2 for the #dcsdblogs challenge! This week’s prompt is: What is the best thing you’ve ever learned from another teacher?

Everything I know now I learned from other teachers. Teachers I grew up with, teachers I took classes from, teachers I learn from on Twitter and Voxer, teachers’ pictures I see on Instagram and, of course, teachers I have in the past worked and currently work with.

I think that I am a good teacher. I love my students and often (but certainly not always) know what they need in order to grow academically, socially and emotionally. Most times I can even implement these ideas and activities. But I know that I am a better teacher because of those I learn from on social media.

The best thing I ever learned from another teacher is to be a Connected Educator. For me, that came about when my friend, Ben Dickson, convinced me to join a Voxer group shortly after I was introduced to Twitter as an America Achieves teacher fellow. It was all totally overwhelming, is completely inspiring and thought provoking, and fuels my work as a teacher.


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