Last Week in Tahoe

We moved to Truckee, CA in the fall of 1999 and bought our condo in Incline Village, NV in early 2000. Although we’re living in our 4th house in Incline, we’ve lived here since then. 17 1/2 years!

And if our current home weren’t on the market (by the owner, we’re just renting it!) nd our condo wasn’t rented through April 2018, we’d probably continue to live here. But he is (selling), and it is and we are (just renting) so off we go. Affordable, long term rentals in Incline are becoming more scarce and we still have Molly (dog, no longer Ozzie cat) so off to Reno we go.

Speaking of Molly. She’s really taken to the backyard. It took her 10 months but she’s figured out that she can go outside without us on the other end of her leash.

Since she doesn’t know we’re moving and is therefore not particularly sad, I thought I’d take a cue from her and spend our last week here being grateful instead of sad, overwhelmed or scared of the summer heat in Reno!

This house has a great deck that’s equally good for napping as it is keeping an eye on the backyard goings on. Luna, our guest dog for a bit, couldn’t be bothered to nap when there was so much to watch.


And sometimes we even used the deck. It is a great place to read and entertain friends from UNR and the Aphasia Recovery Connection!


Moving to Reno next week will be an adventure but we’ve had a great run up here. Our new (rental) apartment complex has a year round pool and hot tub (you know who is very excited about that!), espresso machine, 24-hour gym, craft room … many resort-like amenities that will be fun to try out while we decide what to do next. For this week, I’ll just be grateful that Zack can walk Molly to the lake after work, she has a lawn and path she can go to whenever she wants, and Zack and I walked to the Lone Eagle Grille and Incline Beach this weekend. There will be lots of perks to living in Reno but those are a few of living in this house!



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