Perfect Fall Break Day!

Saturday was pretty perfect. We woke up really early, got in the car and drove 3 hours south to Yosemite, hiked with our AMC friend Matt and his climbing friend Zach to 2 beautiful lakes, then got back in the car and drove 3 hours home. It was a terrific way to start Fall Break. Except that we woke up really early.


Sunday we did errands all day. Lots of laundry. And ate a really yummy Indian buffet lunch (one of Zack’s favorite kinds of lunches!) with Shane to plan our next trip to Yosemite. (Starting tomorrow.)

Yesterday I spent the day at school. After a slow start, I ended up getting a ton done and feel pretty good about next week’s plans and October reading and math centers. Then we met Danielle and Zach for a yummy Vietnamese dinner a couple blocks from their new Midtown home. Reno is fun!

Today though. Today was great. The perfect school vacation kind of day.  We all slept in until 6 then Molly and I ran her shortish loop. (short for a people run, long for a dignified older gal dog run). After feeding her breakfast (her 1st favorite meal of the day), I went out for a longer run. I’m still exploring the neighborhood and today got slightly lost twice because roads that show up on Google maps aren’t actually roads yet. There are an incredible number of developments going in every direction!

This morning I got to go to speech with Zack! It was his first session with Jordan, who’s able to see him Tues and Thurs giving him the 4 days/week of therapy he was hoping for. We met Jordan in Las Vegas in March and love her! In this picture, they’re working on a modified vnest.


This is an example of what they’re working on together. Jordan starts with a Zack related noun, 2 articles (a part of speech that’s still missing from Zack’s oral language) and 2 verbs that make sense. Zack reads all the combinations of those then adds a couple more to each side. In this one, the black represents what Jordan wrote on her whiteboard. The red are Zack’s errors when reading it out loud and the blue are his additions.


After practicing all the combinations of the sentences, they settle on one to rewrite and practice until fluent. Again, the red are his initial errors but with practice and some starting sounds, he got it down!

20171003_205838After speech, Zack headed up to Incline to go to work and help our friend Jack move. I did lots of errands including getting some sticky gloves for Half Dome at Home Depot then had time to go to the gym at our apartment complex. It’s a fun place!

This afternoon I cut out some new games for kindergarten, made my own ramen in a jar for our upcoming camping (not backpacking with glass jars!) trip, took Molly to the park where we met Elyse and her 2 amazing little girls, watched several episodes of Call the Midwife and started my new book from the library.


Now we are all tuckered out and ready for tomorrow! I’ll go to speech with Zack again so I can meet Hanna then pack and food prep/cook like a crazy woman.

Molly is so exhausted she can’t even lift up her head. From the couch armrest, which of course is where her head belongs.

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