2nd speech day in a row (for me!)

Zack goes to speech so often and I go to school. He, as you know, is nearly 100% independent and is fortunate to be able to go about his life without support and assistance. Having said that, I love that I am on Fall Break (for so many reasons) and that Zack invited me to speech with both of his therapists (this semester).


He has been working with Hanna since the end of August. 20171004_094548

She started by having Zack read one short word at a time — pronouns, prepositions and articles. The first word is what is written, the words after the = are his responses.

Enter a caption


Then she continued with the vnest work that Jordan did with him yesterday. (Jordan is actually continuing Hanna’s work!). Hanna had all the parts of the sentence structure prepared for Zack and had him practice each article/possessive with each verb before he chose the expanded sentence to practice. Like yesterday’s post the red are his errors and the blue are his contributions. (Her handwriting is much better than my finger writing on my phone!)


Zack works incredibly hard the whole hour that he is at speech. His apraxia really makes it difficult for him to correctly read words out loud and he has made such amazing progress over the past 2 1/2 years!

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