Quick Yosemite Trip Report

At about mile 4 of my friend Ryan’s first half marathon on Saturday, September 23rd, I learned that you need a permit to backpack the Lost Coast Trail. This was quite a disappointment as Zack, our friend Shane, and I had been planning on hiking the Lost Coast Trail for months. But had no idea you needed a permit!

So after talking with our friend Nancy about the Lost Coast and also Yosemite, we got a reservation to camp in the Yosemite Valley and planned to apply for a Half Dome Cables permit.

Shane hurt his back Wednesday morning and couldn’t join us but this was the sunset Zack and I were treated to as we descended down toward Mono Lake Wed evening.


We camped in the truck by some hot springs and this was my view as I went to sleep.


This was the view out the back of the truck in the morning. 🙂 20171005_072800

The Owens River Valley is pretty cool. or hot! 20171005_073404

After a perfectly fantastic hot breakfast in Mammoth, Zack and I hiked to North Dome via Indian Rock, the only arch in Yosemite. 20171005_130646

North Dome is terrific by itself but it’s full view of Half Dome is why one (or at least we) sit on it and enjoy lunch! 20171005_140236

On our way down into the Valley, the sun set and its alpenglow was beautiful. 20171005_183116

The next day we adventured on the Valley shuttle to the Four Mile Trail trailhead (really close actually) and hiked up to Glacier Point. 20171006_134028.jpg

Then continued on over the Panorama Trail down to the Mist Trail and back down to the Valley. Gorgeous views, 3 waterfalls, amazing people watching, and we met the nicest British/South African couple who’s traveling around the world for 18 months!! 20171006_15492820171006_165053.jpg

Zack conceded to my campfire envy (our neighbors at Housekeeping Camp campground was a big family who had a raging fire every night) and we took a quick drive to buy some firewood. and beer, ice and chocolate. 🙂

On our way back, we caught this sunset on Half Dome. 20171006_183431

Saturday we chose a mellower hike and opted for the 6 mile Mt Hoffman trail because it is the geographic center of the Park and its summit offers 360 degree views. There was a lot of vertical smooshed into 2 miles but it was as beautiful as the guidebook promised. 20171007_13233520171007_134717

That night we had time to explore our little campground and the beach (of the Merced River) offers the best views of Half Dome. and its sunsets! 20171007_182751

This morning (our last) we chose a mellow option of walking around the Valley — to the Visitor Center and then over to Half Dome Village. Our calves were happy for the break and we got to cross the river twice. 20171008_090810

Our short trip to Yosemite was fantastic and we’re looking forward to planning ahead and doing some backpacking next summer. And hopefully getting a Half Dome permit. (We struck out twice this week.)

On the way home, we got to see some of the airshow that was going on in the Carson Valley. 20171008_151211.jpg

Now we’re home and Molly’s asleep with her legs all tangled up against Zack on the couch. Life is good!

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