Trout in the Classroom

We were so lucky that Ms. Madelyn let us participate in the Trout Release on March 26th. The big kids were in charge of them from egg to fry but there were enough that most lower school students got to carry one from school down to the stream and release it into the stream. My kiddos took it very seriously and did a great job transporting them then slowly tip them into the stream.

NDOW gave each of us a fish necklace to wear, which is just another great part about the Trout in the classroom program.


My kindergarteners really took pride in taking care of them.
We walked in a long line from school through the condos down to the stream.


We took a short walk through the woods and then down the bank to the stream. One by one each student came to the water’s edge and released their trout!


Swim, fishy, swim!

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