Global Goals for Lake Tahoe School

I am so lucky to be connected with Jennifer Williams through our mutual pal, Sean Gaillard. Because of my America Achieves fellow fellow, Sharon Davison, and Jen, I learned about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the TeachSDGs movement and the Global Goals Project. After a little marinating time, this Fall was the perfect time to introduce it all to my kindergartners in Lake Tahoe.


We found lots of lunch and snack trash on the playground.


So the class decided to do something about it.


After the posters were made, we hung them up on the doors that lead out to the playground.

The class felt unsatisfied with their efforts because they continued to find trash so decided to make video appeals to the big kids.


One thought on “Global Goals for Lake Tahoe School

  1. Diana Heo

    Amazing Goals Project activity! My students in Korea would love to see this documentation together in class. We will be participating in the 2022 Goals Project starting in the next couple of weeks, and we are planning to make an introduction video to share with our students and parents. Will you allow me to include your video as an example of the Goals Project in our introductory youtube video? I will properly cite the video. Thanks in advance. You can reach me by


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