Out to the HolmAwayFromHome

(WordPress has a new editing software that seems like it’s easier but I can’t figure out to crop pictures. Sorry!)

Today, I got home from a run, we had some reuben lunch then Zack was ready for an outing. He had hoped to get to the office today but his sleep is still very irregular so we opted for a van trial instead. 🙂
Like Zack, Molly takes the stairs one at a time and with extreme caution.
Zack’s backing into the van.
getting his leg and brace in place
He unlocked the brace and tested his ankle on the pedals.
Molly tried walking behind Zack but she didn’t like the unpredictability of the crutches!
Sweet Molly waiting for Zack to make it back up the stairs and back to the couch!

One thought on “Out to the HolmAwayFromHome

  1. Aimee

    I’m all caught up on the Holm trials & joys (the Running article is great!) of late December & early 2020. Thank you for sharing. I can’t imagine Zack’s 3 hour shuffle on skis with that much pain and I applaud Sarah’s tenacity of securing PT! I hope Molly and Zack keep feeling better everyday and glad they can hang out together. Hope all 3 of you can get out in nature again soon.


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