PT today!

After over 10 collective hours of calling (but mostly on hold) Optum, Zack has a pt appointment today. Conveniently, it is while my kids are at lunch, recess and pe. Thanks to Christina, my friend who teaches 1st grade, who is going to help my students out of their snowclothes and get ready for PE and to Jon, our fabulous pe teacher who is endlessly flexible.

Yesterday, Zack got himself to Incline for a couple hours. When I texted to check in on him, I got this pic.

Real pants 👖!

Zack’s terrific office manager, Stephanie, let me know when he was headed home and he sent photo confirmation ⬇️ on his arrival.

Yesterday, Zack crutched down our stairs, up the office stairs, down the office stairs, into and out of the post office, then up and down and up our stairs again for Molly!

He’s getting stronger every day and PT today will help him focus his at home exercises for long term strength and recovery. 😊

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