gratitude day 3 ~ post election

After going to sleep last night with hope that Clinton could still win and then waking up to the news that she didn’t, I wasn’t sure how my day would go. Early on I made the mistake of strolling through my social media streams but they only made me tear up. So I focused on the school day ahead and boy was I rewarded.

Though my students came bursting into the classroom talking about Clinton and Trump and even celebrated Nevada turning blue, they were quickly distracted by 50th-day-november-9-2016celebrating our 50th day of school,

google-hangout-november-9-2016talking about our favorite Global Read Aloud books with Mrs. Haff’s class in China Grove, NC via google hangout;

filling up 4 staff member’s buckets with our handmade buckets and song performance,


and learning about the didgeridoo at a great assembly!

I posted some collage pictures on instagram tonight (sara.h.00) thanks to my America Achieves and fellow kindergarten teacher friend, Sharon. Her tweet about the beauty of kindergarteners really helped frame my day and celebrate my students!

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